Self-knowledge and Consciousness

"You must take the idea that understanding the universe is your responsibility seriously, because the only understanding of the universe that will be useful for you will be your own." Terence McKenna

Life is a never-ending evolutionary process where, from the emergence of consciousness, new planes of existence originate from the possibility of separating and interpreting the reality of "being" per se, and of "being" in multiple levels or dimensions. During this process, one is able to recognize the manifestation of what has been created in subtle levels of physical, bio-chemical, energetic, rational and ideal nature. The human being is that vortex in which consciousness merges rational evolutionary processes with the imaginary process of the spirit, creating a quantum universe, filled with possibilities and macro-cosmic and sub-atomic, physical and energetic dimensions... endless, infinite and spiritual...

Ayahuasca UnderstandingThe practice of self-knowledge and the development of consciousness grants the human being with the understanding of its own self and of its multi-dimensional existential nature, beyond any paradigm or pre-conceived idea. The individual acknowledges its evolution and reality for its own benefit, from a perspective known in Quantum physics as the "Observer effect".

The more we know about a problem, the more possibilities we have to solve it. The more knowledge we have on an element, situation or resource, the better our ability to use it with our own creativity in a beneficial way for ourselves.

Our body and mind are consciousness' resources to be able to practice the process of living and evolution at all conscious levels. The more we know about ourselves, the better our ability to observe reality in all physical, psychological, emotional and energetic levels; it is then easier for consciousness to develop itself and transform reality surrounding it.

The complex system of neurological and biochemical connections in which the human being's consciousness resides is interconnected with the entire evolutionary environment in which we have developed ourselves. This works effectively because of an amazing atomic, sub-atomic, bio-chemical, physical and energetic organization which sustains life.

Nature has placed molecules in all human beings, with the extraordinary capabilities which help neurological connections and the comprehension of our evolutionary nature. The Ayahuasca is a natural medicine which acts in the neurologic system of the human being, facilitating the processes of comprehension and regulating the levels of neurotransmission with the reaction caused by a combination of strong immediate temporary effects and subtle long-lasting ones in the individual's consciousness. Self-knowledge and consciousness development are strengthen by the effects of the medicine, creating a communication channel between human mind, nature and cosmos.

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