Ayahuasca Healing

"Sweet mother medicine, visionary witch doctor, clean, clean my body and make my heart shine." (Sedhani)

The Ayahuasca is a medicinal and visionary blend of Amazonic plants, with a great bio-chemical complexity, whose inspiration and creation gets lost in ancestral times.

Its ritualistic usage is cultural patrimony, collective ancestral knowledge and natural medicinal therapy acknowledged by the governments of Peru, Brasil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela and Colombia, and protected by the Treatee of the United Nations of Indigenous people's rights.
It acts as a neurological regulator on different levels: physical-chemical, psychological, emotional and spiritual, helping the processes related to ideas and emotions of an individual flow; this, allows a person to reach a greater comprenhension of ones own evolving mind, ones own identity, nature, condition and physical and emotional health. With this self-knowledge, the individual enters a process of self-healing which enables the conscious construction of the idea of ones self and the affirmation of the relationship with ones own personal history and with Cosmos.

Ayahuasca VisionsIt expels physical and mental intoxications, making the process of purge and cleaning of negative ideas and behaviors easier, de-activating the acting ability of compulsions, addictions, pain, fears and psychological blocks that manifest themselves as fear, anxiety, depression, frustration, drug abuse and illnesses within the body's systems and organs.
It contains two endogenous plants from the Amazon area, which individually possess practically no psycho-active effects but, when combined, the first one (Ayahuasca/Banisteriopsis Cappi) inhibits the action of the body's enzime called Monoamine Oxidase, augmenting the levels of neurotransmissions and making the oral ingestion of the second plant (Chakruna / Psicotria Viridis) possible, which carries endogenous neurotransmiter of the body known as Dimetiltriptamine, in charge of visions and dreams. As a result, a unique neuronal and organic connection is produced, which has introspective and visionary healing effects of great magnitude.

The effects that could manifest are:

  • Physical effects: Sensitivitiy to vibrations of the senses and states of the body, its organs and functions. Sensation of being cold or hot, dizziness, sensation of well-being or euforia, different perception of colors and images, smells and sounds. There could be purge through vomits or diarrea. A restored balance of the levels of neuortransmissions in the system is continuously observed.

  • Psychic and emotional effects: Memories, synchronicity, awareness, reconciliation, catharsis, crying, laughter, detaching from negative ideas, decoding paradigms, understanding and organizing emotions and romantic and family relationships as well as the story of ones own personality, among others.

  • Spritual and energetic: An encounter with spiritual nature, experiencing energy and eternal life, merging with Cosmos and Mother Nature, acknowledgement of the consciousness of God and divinity, of the Father and the Mother, of masculine and feminine energies, understanding and experiencing the manifestation of love, compassion, humility and union, etc.

The ritualistic usage of the Ayahuasca implicates preparation and follow-up from the participant with the guidance of a therapist, vegetalist or shaman, which helps amplify the results obtained from the Mother Medicine.

The preparation follows a diet, both physical and psychological, and it is as important as the ingestion of the plant itself, to assure effectiveness. The preparation ritual could demand some mecanism of physical or mental purge and de-toxication.

The drinking ritual is led by incorporating a series of therapeutic, bioenergetic and psycomagic techonologies, which maximize the action of the plant and involves the usage of sounds, rythms, mantras, medicinal singing (icaros), aromas or scents, essential oils, floral waters, symbols, etc. that act as the catalysts of energy and vibration, becoming perceivable to the participant.


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