"Therapeutic results and Healing"

"The therapeutic process of Ayahuasca seeks to "understand" the nature of our suffering, of our illness, and to transmute ourselves through the usage of our own creative, transforming, energetic and evolving human nature. It re-establishes balance and strength, which make our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health possible." Sumpay Sedhani

Therapy and Healing process with AyahuascaADN Hombre

The Ayahuasca is not a miraculous panacea, but it is an accelerator for evolution, which allows the identification of the conditions or causes which lead to addictions, depression, compulsive behaviors, blocks or other negative patterns that prevent the manifestation of our freedom, peace and happiness or disable our natural processes of physical and mental healing.

Therapy with Ayahuasca pursues self-healing based on the comprehension and implementation of our transforming human abilities. It makes the manifestation of healing possible and facilitates the progress of personal evolutionary processes.

During an Ayahuasca ceremony, we access modified states of consciousness in a therapeutic-shamanic environment, helping the patient to find the true sense of his/her own existence and to harmonize his/herself. An understanding of inner fears, guilt, remorse, weaknesses, sufferings and preconceived ideas that obstruct peace and happiness is obtained. The individual's re-integration is then possible through one's own process of personal evolution, liberation and healing at all levels.

An individual's cosmos can be re-defined through emotional, psychological and bio-chemical alignment, with the help of master plants and ancestral and modern technologies as well as music-therapy, sonotherapy, aroma-therapy, transpersonal psychology and psychomagic among others, implemented by the therapist or shaman.

Addictions, depression, codependency and neurosis

Substance dependence tends to be a mechanism utilized by the person suffering from it to escape affliction or frustration. The compulsive use of drugs or pharmaceuticals builds a false solution or distraction inside the individual's mind which temporarily anesthetises pain, evades guilt, eliminates fear and provides relief to frustration, which could be originated from the dependent individual.

Compulsive, neurotic and codependent behaviors follow causes related to the individuals subconscious: to his fears, false ideas, grudges and guilt, which have not been identified, confronted and resolved.
Medicinal Ayahuasca helps to travel through the subconscious, identifying and finding a positive sense to issues that negatively trick one's own mind. It cleans out negative ideas, feelings and emotions which feed sick and self-destructive behaviors. Instead, it nurtures consciousness of neuronal, energetic, emotional and cosmic information, expanding a person's perspective of reality directing it towards a better understanding and resulting in a better capability to act in the direction of self well-being.

As a consequence, the patient re-imagines his/herself with a superior level of comprehension, acceptance, strength and ability of transformation of the manifestation of the self, receiving peace, positive changes product of the patient's will, and body, heart, mind and spirit's recovery.

Ayahuasca therapy sessions integrate dieting and purging processes indicated by the therapist or vegetalist.



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