Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Restoring the reality tissue

"One cannot reach enlightment by fantasizing about light, but by becoming conscious about darkness." (Carl Jung)

What occurs in an Ayahuasca ceremony can be expressed in different planes and the expression itself will vary from person to person and from session to session.

Drinking Ayahuasca initiates a process of preparation called Diet, in wich the participant does a series of actions in an effort to physically and mentally de-toxicate as to get ready for the ritual of drinking the medicine. It often includes a method of purge, which will help the process of cleaning, and depriving the body from certain things; this helps to maximize the effectiveness of the ritual.
After creating the proper conditions for this, the Ayahuasca enters the organism orally by drinking it.

This concoction is sour and viscous, obtained from two endogenous plants from the Amazonian jungle. Its bio-chemical action is very complex. It brings down the transmission barriers of neurological information, activating the neurotransmiters and the brain which lead into a state of consciousness in which we are more capable to perceive and process information about our inner-selves and our surroundings, creating a visionary state and superior understanding.

Ayahuasca CeremoniesThe Ritual is an important part, both during the session and in the stages of preparation and follow-up. It is integrated by a series of stimulations and physical, psychological and psychomagic activations which create a physical-emotional state ideal for bio-chemical action and therapeutic medicine.

The guide, therapist or shaman must act in a multi-dimensional level, helping the participant to build up understanding of the connections of cause and effect, matter and energy, thought and emotion, physics and love, which shelters the participant's reality. Once this understanding is built up, the participant stands before the possibility to reconstruct thoughts, emotions, cosmos and reality itself.

With the same principles as "molecular programming of water", the medicine is configured with chantings and musical instruments which harmonize its molecular structure in favor of the person's healing process and finding peace.


The Ayahuasca ceremony is an intimate, quiet journey in which each participant explores his/her own consciousness. At the same time, the capacity of understanding of each one is stimulated by the presensce of other participants and the therapist or shaman.

The Ceremony is accompanied by essential oils, floral scented water, incense, mantra, medicinal chants (icaros), percussion instruments, music recordings, chants, dances and any other techniques that the therapist or chaman can use to stimulate, transform and peace up energetic, emotional and vibration movements that occur during the Ceremony.

The participant could receive during the session different REVELATIONS and INFORMATION related to his/her own nature, existence and way of thinking. Certain memories, fears, guilt, grudges and pre-conceived ideas could present themselves. The participant would then be capable of observing him/herself, get rid of pollutants and finaly rebuild his/her own identity from this knowledge obtained.

When neurological connections that activate the medicine naturally by using the active endogenous principles of, not only to the human brain but nature as a whole, is established, then it is possible to understand the highest levels of human consciousness, which are LOVE and COMPASSION, and re-integrate ones own path to EVOLUTION.

Drinking Ayahuasca requires a process of Dieting and Preparation, which is followed by the participant according to the instructions that the therapist or vegetalist gives.

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